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PayCert today stands for :

A leader of the certification for secured electronic transactions in Europe

The habilitation  of test laboratories through the evaluation of their technical skills

The registration  and the follow-up of PayCert certified products list

A key partner for product manufacturers, card schemes and test laboratories

Savoir faire

1st Certificates issued for CPACE contactless kernels and dual cards

September 2021 – PayCert is proud to announce the successful issuance of the first certificates for contactless kernels and dual cards in compliance with the CPACE specifications.

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Certification scheme for eMRTD accredited by COFRAC

Our certification program on eMRTD  (electronic Machine Readable Travel Document- passport, identity card, resident permit,…) and associated devices in now accredited by COFRAC, the French Accreditation Body. This is  conformity assessment of ISO standards, ICAO 9303 documents and the European Regulations on the security of identity cards of union citizens (2019/1157).

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Our activities in Europe

PayCert has been certifiying different products in Payment (cards, terminals, kernels) since 2008 and had participated to first initiatives on standardisation and interoperability of technical specifications under the SEPA (Single Euro Payment Area) context. PayCert certifies also products in Transport domain like contactless readers and fare media PICC, based CEN norms and in partnership with Calypso Network Association.

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Certification process

PayCert delivers a Certificate after an independant and objective review of the technical evaluations reports of the secured electronic product or system.

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