First certification scheme for electronic machine-readable travel documents (eMRTD) and associated device compliant with ISO/IEC 17065 requirements

PayCert and ICUBE, a leading testing laboratory for secured electronic transactions interfaces, announce that they now provide an international certification scheme compliant with ISO/IEC 17065 requirements, and dedicated to eMRTD including electronic Passports, Resident Permits and ID cards.

In order to ensure a satisfactory level of security and interoperability on electronic machine readable travel documents (eMRTD) usage, PayCert and ICUBE propose a new certification service accredited by COFRAC, the French Accreditation Body.

“The certificate issued by PayCert is in line with the conformity assessment required by the European Commission for Biometrics Deployment of EU-Passports – C(2018) 7774 – and for Biometrics Deployment of EU-residence permits – C(2018) 7767,” says Ludovic Verecque, General Manager at PayCert. “This certification program not only complies with the European Regulation on the security of identity cards of union citizens (2019/1157) but can also be used as a proof of compliance with the ICAO and ISO standards outside of Europe”.

Stephane Jobard, CEO at ICUBE, adds: “The certification of eMRTD products follows the test requirements defined in chapters 6 and 7 of International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Doc9303 Part 9: ISO/IEC 18745-2 for the contactless interface and ICAO Technical Report part 3 for Logical Data Structure and protocol testing. For eMRTD supporting EACv1 as EU-Passports, the AFNOR/BSI Test plan for eMRTDs with Advanced Security Mechanisms – EACv1 is also covered by the certification.”

An ISO/IEC 17065 certification scheme is an impartial process that provides the most transparent and the most widely accepted route for trustworthy conformity assessment results. Furthermore, the International Accreditation Forum (IAF) offers possibilities for international recognition of ISO/IEC 17065 certificates thanks to multi-lateral agreement.